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Ultimately our goal is to help you work from home and avoid being scammed! Hopefully you’ll be able to achieve this with the job leads, articles, videos & scam avoidance information provided on this site. Good luck on your search! The biggest gaming companies spend millions developing their latest offerings and lots more money promoting […]

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It may seem like all of the good business ideas or the best small ideas have been taken, but they are not. Most successful small business ideas come from individuals who work for someone and they believe they can do better. NextWave Advocacy, LLC contracts with news junkies that are politically aware, home-based individuals who […]

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You’ll need experience grooming pets or be willing to train. Past experience working with animals is recommended. Licenses and permits may also be required, depending on your location. As with other pet businesses, getting the proper insurance is recommended. If you don’t generally need an office beyond your home, but may occasionally need meeting space, […]

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It’s clear by now that we’re major proponents of leveraging modern software when starting a business, and marketing is no exception. There are hundreds of programs out there designed to help entrepreneurs like you market their budding businesses, from ROI calculators to social media management tools. SimplyFun – Would you like to play for a living? […]

how can i start my own business | how to own a company

If you can save up as much of the start-up capital yourself before you open your doors, you will help ensure that loans won’t sink your new business. Remember, also, that there’s an outside chance that a lender will call a loan or add unfavorable terms if your business isn’t as successful as you initially […]

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Hey, great list! LaunchScore estimates the earnings potential of 800+ business types in 750 U.S. cities. Unlike most lists, LaunchScore provides a custom earnings estimate that takes into account the market conditions in each city. Companies are increasingly turning to freelance and contract workers to fill the skill gaps in their staff. It’s not hard […]

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After you register your business, you may need to get an employer identification number (EIN) from the IRS. While this is not required for sole proprietorships with no employees, you may want to apply for one anyway to keep your personal and business taxes separate, or simply to save yourself the trouble later on if you […]